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We prepare a minimum of three initial designs for each client from which we work together to determine the final design. You may choose colors from one, the layout from another, the font from the third, or a combination of attributes. We provide guidance with design, layout & site architecture advice, so the end result is a site you love and are proud to advertise as the “face” of your business online.

A well-designed site that is easy to use and navigate portrays your business as more professional than a template site. If potential clients find a site that was developed with care and thought, they will associate those qualities with your company as well. The web has become the new phonebook– the frst place customers look for the items and services they need. Your site is their first impression of you, and good site forges a connection to your company before they ever actually meet you. Don’t let your competitors gain an advantage before you even have a chance!

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