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Canzani Graphics is a full-service graphics studio catering to the needs of small to medium sized businesses. Established in 1993, the intervening years have brought all kinds of projects and clients to our door. We treat each client with the same respect we give our friends, and every aspect of their projects get the same attention. We give advice, we educate, but first and foremost, we listen. Learning about you and your company helps us achieve our goal of excellence and client satisfaction, and we have a lot of satisfied clients!

Whether you know exactly what you want and need or you have just the beginnings of an idea and a goal, we will assist you in accomplishing your objective beyond what you ever imagined. We like to enjoy our work, and we want our clients to do the same, so we make every effort to replace the dread and drudgery of working to achieve a distant objective with brainstorming, creativity, and ultimately, the gratification of a job well done. We’ve learned all kinds of interesting facts over the years about many different kinds of businesses, from chocolate to healthcare & pharmaceuticals to trucking with lots in between. Our established relationships with many different types of vendors, will help us see your project through production.

We have too many samples to show them all here, so this is just a taste of our work. If you have a specific need or want to view examples you feel would be more pertinent to your requirements, please contact us and we will be happy to show you other pieces from our portfolio. For a sneak peek at some of our advice, check the cg blog.

We know it isn’t nice to brag, but we even have a few testimonials to share. If you are unsure where to place your trust, think of them as reassurance as well as references.

Phone 201.321.1036 or email